Twigtech Pro Advantages vs Desktop Management Software

Although other CMS like “Console Desktop” are powerful systems, they were developed decades ago on old technology. It’s from a time when companies stored data, downloaded software, and ran their programs on physical servers & computers in company offices. Although these software have migrated to the Cloud, their legacies makes it very difficult for their programming team to enjoy the advantages of new technology, simply because their inherent constrains keep them prisoners of old algorithm. Twigtech is a native cloud-based software with no inhibitions from the past.

Automatic Updates

Our Twigtech Pro Cloud-based software limits the need to constantly monitor and maintain on-premises servers. Everything is up-to-date to protect you from the most recent malware and hacking strategies.

Rather than hiring people to monitor and patch systems on a daily basis, our team maintains the security and updates.

Twigtech automatically updates, so you’re always working with the latest, most up-to-date tested version. Users don’t have to worry about downloading or installing programs, and there are no compatibility issues. Twigtech works on all devices from your smart phone, tablet or computer.

Data Storage & Backup

  • With Twigtech is easily accessible from anywhere. In today Covid-19 environment, trust accountants can access Twigtech Pro no matter where they are with greater flexibility operating as long as they have internet access. Compared to other CMS where you have to use IT support just to set up VPN/Remote Desktop
  • The ability to recover data after a disaster is far easier and cheaper with our Twigtech Pro Cloud solution as all data is stored in the cloud. CMS Desktop on the other hand have huge company on premises server backups and a complicated recovery mechanism for if things go wrong. IT disasters come in many sizes when dealing with on-premises systems like many of our competitors. It ranges from the loss of a single-but-important document to the loss of an entire database. The recovery of corporate data could take an enormous effort, sometimes exceeding the efforts required to reconstruct a company’s hardware infrastructure.

Twigtech automatically saves your changes and backs up automatically on ongoing basis. Your company data are backed up across AWS Cloud, which guarantees recovery when needed.

Resilience and Elasticity

Twigtech cloud solution data are evenly distributed across all the servers, which are connected to work as one and totally transparent to the user. If one server fails, no data loss or downtime happens. We also offer more storage space and server resources (virtually unlimited per real estate company) including better computing power. This means your software and applications will perform faster than ageing desktop solution like the vast majority if not all our competition running Desktop solutions. CMS desktops runs on your premises on your physical hardware which you are to maintain and upgrade.

Twigtech makes your business resilient and provides you with an unprecedented robustness.

Flexibility and Scalability

Twigtech offers an enhanced level of flexibility and scalability. The on-demand virtual space consists of unlimited storage space and as-much-as-necessary server resources. Twigtech Pro technology can scale up or down depending on the level of traffic your real estate company has. This provides more flexibility for your business to grow.

With traditional CMS Desktops, you can only use the resources that are already physically available to you. If you run out of storage space, the only solution is to purchase or rent another server. If you hire more employees, you will need to pay for additional software licences and have these manually installed on your office hardware. This can be a costly venture, especially if your business is growing quite rapidly.

Twigtech provides you with unlimited licenses, and run as on as many devices at the same time, enabling you to expand your business as the sky becomes your limit.


First of all, the period of transferring the data to our system is totally free. Once you are up and running, our payment is based on % of turnover, a tiny winy % and it depends on the size of your business. At Twigtech we are interested about your scalability.

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